2007 Water Quality Reports


The 2007 Water Quality Initiative (WQI) monitoring program involved 133 volunteers in collecting and analyzing lake water samples from 165 sites on 19 lakes and rivers across West Muskoka and South Parry Sound. Volunteers collected samples bi-weekly eight times between May 21 and August 27. What a great dedicated crew- .These volunteers took samples, lead teams and analyzed water after specific training by CEW. New Volunteers are always needed in specific area, so contact Jane Evans if you can take a steady shift, (one morning every 2 weeks) next summer. 

The summary Report  is the one that will interest you most-  It has a separate page for each sampling area, and comments on the results.  While you may not want to print all of either report, printing your page gives you something to show your neighbours, along with info on the sampling results. 

There are several sampling areas which would meet the District Municipality of Muskoka’s definition of OverThreshold (Phosphorus),  The MLA is currently working with 3 of these areas to explore reasons and possible actions and reactions to preserve or improve our Water Quality. As well, we hope to meet with the District of Muskoka, Township of Muskoka Lakes, and Seguin Township in early 2008. 

Please—Be sure to go to the back of the Summary Report and understand the Appendix “A” and Glossary.  These resources will answer many of your questions. 

Finally- please give us your feedback to info@mla.on.ca with the subject line “WQI Feedback”

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