2003 Water Quality Reports

2003 marked the end of the Muskoka Lakes Association’s pilot project in nearshore water quality. Over the three year pilot project, the Association has realized great successes both technically and socially. As a result, the Board of Directors has made a long term commitment to the initiative.

Building on results of the 2002 programme, two distinct functions of the water quality programme developed in 2003. A research function focused attention on nearshore measurements of total phosphorus, and how different intensities of residential development affected those levels. The main body of this report is dedicated to the statistical and scientific analysis of this research. A monitoring function also emerged.

Results of bacteria, phosphorus, water clarity and temperature are available on the MLA website. Website users are able to compare the quality of water 

in one location with provincial water quality objectives, other areas tested and with previous years’ results. Using this online interface, community members are able to see changes in their water quality and when it might be appropriate to take mitigative action.

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