2002 Water Quality Reports

The summer of 2002 marked the successful second year of the MLA’s innovative nearshore water quality program. The program was launched in 2001 in response to members’ concerns about the overall quality of water in Lakes Muskoka, Joseph and Rosseau. The 2001 program was carried out through a combination of volunteer effort, the MLA Marine Patrol and technical supervision by Gartner Lee Limited.

One of the key recommendations of the 2001 program was that the MLA increase its direct involvement in the water quality program a) by identifying internal water quality champions and b) hiring an internal co-ordinator to run the day to day aspects of the summer program. These recommendations were made to provide long-term continuity to the MLA program and increase the cost effectiveness of the overall program.

The 2002 program represented a first-rate response to these recommendations. John Curran assumed the role of “champion” for the program and received the full support of the Board for his efforts. Mike Logan was hired to run the program for the summer and did a superb job in retaining volunteers, organizing their efforts, summarizing program results and drafting the report. Mike served as a visible and effective ambasssador for the MLA and ensured that all geographic areas of the three lakes were covered in the program. He met with planning and political representatives in local municipalities and the District Municipality of Muskoka. He attended an international conference on water protection in June and presented the MLA program to a national meeting (The Society of Canadian Limnologists) in Ottawa in January of 2003, as a guest of the MLA and Gartner Lee Limited.

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