2001 Water Quality Reports

An ambitious program was undertaken in the summer of 2001 in order to gather preliminary information on innovative means of water quality determination in the Muskoka lakes. The 2001 program was one component of a larger initiative by the MLA. The objectives of the long term initiative were:

  1. to review and summarize existing information on water quality in Lakes Muskoka, Joseph and Rosseau; 
  2. provide an opinion on the water quality stresses of most significance to the Muskoka Lakes and the MLA; 
  3. develop a research and monitoring program based on the results of task b; 
  4. liaison with management initiatives being undertaken elsewhere; and 
  5. advice on stewardship initiatives and other follow-up activities.

Our initial review (Tasks a and b) concluded that most of the potential stresses to the Muskoka lakes were either being addressed by management activities beyond the immediate influence of the MLA (i.e., acid rain, shoreline development policies) or that management activities were required but were beyond the direct influence of the MLA (contaminants, climate change). Our review did, however, indicate that past management programs were focussed on the open waters of the lake and that they may not be capturing the responses of most interest to lake users.

The 2001 Reports were created and compiled by Gartner Lee, Ltd.

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